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Planning ahead for potential serious illnesses can be unpleasant, but you want to be sure you receive the type of care you want if you cannot oversee your health care. With an advance healthcare directive, you can let your family and doctors know just what types of treatment you want if you cannot make decisions for yourself. Directives in Utah often combine the power of attorney section with a living will.

The power of attorney section lets you name an agent to make any healthcare decisions for you if doctors determine that you lack the ability to make decisions. This includes the right to withdraw or consent to any type of healthcare treatment, even tube feeding and CPR, the right to access your medical records, and the right to admit or discharge you from facilities. On the typical form, you may also select which of these powers your agent will not have.

The living will section allows you to choose three different treatment options if you have a terminal condition or permanent unconsciousness. You can choose to prolong your life artificially as long as possible, to allow your agent to make the decision, or you can choose not to receive any life-prolonging treatment.

Signing Requirements – One disinterested witness.