Attorney Approved Version!

This type of power of attorney allows you to assign authority to your agent to handle your property and finances. You should consider drafting one of these to plan for an unforeseen illness or disability.

Here are some duties you can authorize your agent to perform:

Sign your checks to pay bills
Buy or manage real estate
Buy or sell personal property
Prepare taxes
Manage securities
Banking transactions

The document is quite flexible as well. You can make it effective immediately and until you die, and you can allow the agent to conduct almost any act for you that you can do yourself. Alternatively, you can limit the power to one specific act, and limit the effective dates to one period, for example, three weeks. This can be useful if you plan to go on vacation and will not be able to oversee your business concerns.

Signing Requirements – No State law, although the State of North Dakota Courts Version requires a notary acknowledgment.

Laws – Chapter 30.1-30 (Uniform Durable Power of Attorney Act)