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Advance medical directives are documents you can write to show doctors and everyone else what sort of treatment you want to receive in the future. These documents are a valuable planning tool because you could find yourself in the unfortunate position of being unable to communicate effectively. Without the document in that case, a court would appoint a guardian to make decisions for you, and you could receive care that you never desired.

A durable power of attorney for health care in Montana allows you to name someone else as a healthcare proxy to make most any decision for you. For example, if there are two procedures that could be performed to improve your condition, and one is riskier but produces a better result, the proxy would decide which treatment to undergo after consulting with doctors.

Signing Requirements – Two (2) witnesses (§ 509103). The principal should also have their signature acknowledged before a notary public if they intend on delegating powers to the agent regarding mental health treatment (§ 53-21-1304(2)(d)).

Laws –§ 53-21-1304

Living Will [(Adobe PDF (.pdf)) (Microsoft Word (.doc)]

If a doctor determines that you have become terminally ill with no chance of recovery, and you cannot communicate, a living will written beforehand can specify whether you want to receive life-support treatments like artificial hydration and mechanical breathing, or whether you’d prefer to die naturally. A living will must be signed by two witnesses in Montana.