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In Mississippi, you can execute a general power of attorney that authorizes your agent to conduct a wide range of activities on your behalf.

These include:

Real estate transactions, e.g., selling or buying property, or contracting for a lease
Stock and bond transactions
Commodities transactions
Banking transactions
Business operation

You can also execute a limited power of attorney, which will enable you to grant the agent a smaller number of powers. For example, you can simply enable the agent to accept insurance payments and deposit them into your bank account. A limited authority like this can be more appropriate if you don’t have many financial transactions to perform, or if you just need someone to take over a few particular duties that are inconveniencing you.

You must exercise caution when choosing an agent. The agent will potentially have a great deal of control over your property, with the abilities to withdraw your money or sell your assets. You must only choose someone you have complete trust in.

Signing Requirements – Though no specific statute mentions a mandated signing requirement, the principal and agent are strongly recommended to sign in the presence of a notary public to avoid future complications. (§ 87-3-105.)

Laws – Title 87, Chapter 3 (Uniform Durable Power of Attorney Act)