Florida powers of attorney forms are used to enable someone to make decisions on your behalf. The documents grants someone authority over your medical treatments or financial transaction decisions. You can use this legal instrument to transfer tremendous decision-making power, such as (for the financial related forms) the ability to buy and sell property or (for the health care related forms) the right to end treatment that is keeping you alive. Thus, it’s quite important only to grant this authority to someone you know you can trust absolutely. Additionally, you must thoroughly discuss your treatment or financial goals with your partners or family, and of course with the person to whom you delegate authority (called an agent). Executing a power of attorney can prevent your family from emotional conflicts involved in deciding whether to continue life-supporting medical treatment. According to Florida’s new power of attorney act, all financially related documents must be considered durable and they must be signed in the witness of two (2) non-related individuals or a notary public. Read here to view the full set of power of attorney laws within the State.