Free New Jersey Power of Attorney Forms



durable Durable power of attorney is a legal form that allows someone (referred to as a "Principal") to select anyone of their choosing (Referred to as the "Attorney in Fact") to represent them in all financial matters legal under law (except for changing of a will). It is highly recommended that the person chosen is a highly trusted person as they will have the power to handle any financial transaction as deemed in the Principal's best interest.
general General power of attorney allows someone (Referred to as a "Principal") to choose anyone (Referred to as "Attorney-in-Fact") whom they would like to represent them for any financial related transaction legal under law (except change or middy a will). It is highly suggested that the Attorney-in-Fact that the Principal chooses be a trusted individual because they will have the power to handle any money related transaction from paying bills to the purchase or selling of real estate on behalf of the Principal.
limited Limited power of attorney allows an individual ("Referred to as the "Principal") to select someone else (Referred to as the "Attorney-in-Fact") to make a specific financial act on behalf of themselves. The act can be from cashing a check to representing the other person in a real estate closing. 
medical Medical Power of Attorney gives the attorney-in-fact the authority to make health-care decisions for the grantor, up to and including terminating care and life support. The grantor can typically modify or restrict the powers of the agent to make end-of-life decisions.
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