Free Nevada General Power of Attorney Form

Nevada General Power of Attorney allows someone (Referred to as a "Principal") to choose anyone (Referred to as "Attorney-in-Fact") whom they would like to represent them for any financial related transaction legal under law (except change or middy a will). It is highly suggested that the Attorney-in-Fact that the Principal chooses be a trusted individual because they will have the power to handle any money related transaction from paying bills to the purchase or selling of real estate on behalf of the Principal.

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General power of attorney does not stay valid if the Principal becomes incapacitated or told to not be able to make decisions for themselves by a physician. If you would like the form to remain valid if the Principal becomes incapacitated then you should download and authorize the durable power of attorney form.

In order to be legal, the general power of attorney form must be notarized which means that you must sign the document in front of a public notary.

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