Free Iowa Durable Power of Attorney Form

Iowa Durable Power of Attorney Form is a legal form that allows someone (referred to as a "Principal") to select anyone of their choosing (Referred to as the "Attorney in Fact") to represent them in all financial matters legal under law (except for changing of a will). It is highly recommended that the person chosen is a highly trusted person as they will have the power to handle any financial transaction as deemed in the Principal's best interest.

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Requirements to be Legal:
-Form must be notarized. You can find a public notary at every branch bank in the United States.

The actions may be as small as picking up the Principal's mail to as large as selling their home. This form is commonly used between;
-the elderly
-business partners
-someone being out of town
-any situation where you would need someone to cover for you.

The durable form is the only power of attorney document that stays VALID if the Principal should lose the ability to think clearly or make decisions for themselves.
This includes: Alzheimer's Disease, Dementia, or any other condition where the Principal may be incapacitated. If you or someone else may be entering surgery.

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